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The reading takes from 60 to 75 minutes. You may bring 2 or 3 prepared questions about any aspect of your life. The reading is digitally recorded for you. Readings can be done at a distance or by computer link via Skype or Facebook messenger. 


What is Jyotish? Jyotir is a Sanskrit word and means light. Jyotish is the science of light. In this instance the science of light is astrology. 
What is Ganesh? Ganesh is the Hindu elephant god of success, prosperity and the removal of obstacles. He is the son of the god Shiva and his consort Parvati. As such he is the first creation of god. Another name for Ganesh is Ganapati. 
What is a „Rat“? Traditionally the vehicle the lord Ganesh uses is a mouse or rat. I´m not sure that the elephant actually uses a mouse to get around. The mouse or rat is significant because the rat can go almost anywhere and does´t let anything stop it. Traditionally Ganesh is represented with a small mouse or rat at his feet. The rat is therefore the person who reads or interprets the chart and guides you through it. The rat is as much a Jyotish practitioner as a channel for Ganesh. The rat is also symbolic of the greatest of human aspirations (greatness) as well as the least (humility).  

गणपति ज्योतिष
Gaṇapati Jyotiṣa

Om namah Ganapati knower of all things from earth and the starry heavens. 

Ganapathi Jyotish – means the light of Ganapati or Ganesh. Ganesh is considered the remover of obstacles and the guardian between the worlds. Thus for any evolutionary action whether physical or spiritual Ganesh can be invoked to allow one success or passage into a new realm (activity, world or consciousness). The practice of Ganapati Jyotish is performed through astrology (Jyotish) in which Ganapathi´s vehicle the „Rat“ leads one through the maze of ones astrology chart to understand ones path through the physical world to enlightenment.

During the ritual of the chart reading the mental, emotional and physical well being of the person is brought to light at each junction of their life to illuminate the obstacles to the free flow of a person through life. The objective is to discover what can be done to overcome obstacles and free the person from the obstruction or bondage of the physical world.
Removal of obstacles is performed through the chart reading itself, by ceremony (ritual) or Yagya, wearing of gems and metals, use of mantras, spiritual practice and meditation. Appropriate guidance for this is given at the end of the reading.

If all of this sounds like spiritual hokey pokey then - well it is and it isn´t. Every action or transition in life is a spiritual pivot at which time one decides to do one thing instead of another. What decision one makes and the success of such activity depends on ones own state of awareness and the light imbued in the decision making process. Thus even the most mundane and physical events in life are of cosmic importance and set the stage for everything that is to come. Just as one seeks good counsel before making decisions one looks to Jyotish in order to know what to do and to remove obstacles to bring about the most perfect action possible. Quantum physics has described reality as being influenced by the observer to such an extent that the act of observing the world may even define what we see. Action like meditation, ceremony or Yagya focuses the consciousness in such a way that it allows us to more powerfully influence the „reality“ of our lives.

Ganapati Jyotish
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